Amerikaner är "smarta"

titta titta allihopa vad jag hittade :]

The worse conversations I have had was with a well educated young female here in the States.
Once we got the geography squared away and she understood where Sweden was located...
X -So you have to fly to get there?
Me -Yes, its a 10 hour or so flight.
x - How long would that take if you drive?
Me - It's not really an option, you have to fly.
x- So, why can't you drive?
x -So if someone is afraid of flying they could not go there?
Me -At this point I am little bit irritated, so I say "I suppose you could drive if you drove north thru the States, thru Candada to Alaska, cross over to Russia/Siberia, then continue West to Finland and around to Sweden" I am thinking this will make her realize how unrealistic that would be...
x- So how long would that kind of drive take?
Me-???!!! I gave up.


Amerikan på flyget från Samoa till Auckland: So, where're you from?

Jag: Stockholm, Sweden

Amerikan: Oh, do you speak Swiss?

Jag: No, you're thinking about Switzerland, Sweden's further north

Amerikan: Oh, damn, like up in Newfoundland with the polar bears and shit?

Jag: No, northern Europe, it's north of Germany and just next to Norway and Finland

Amerikan: Oh, you mean Russia? Damn, how did you managed get a visa for Australia? I thought they only let American and European through...

"Do you have polarbears in stockholm?"
-yes we have polarbears in stockholm, we have to lock our houses at dawn or they will rob our houses of food
-"No shit!?"

"Do you have napkins in sweden?"
-No, actually, we dont. We are uncivilized slobs...
"Oh, so do you have microwaves then?"

"So wait, hold on, you dont speak english to your parents? You speak swedish? Thats wierd"

X: So are there restaurants in Sweden?
Me: What's a restaurant?
X: Oh it's a place you go eat at when you don't wanna eat at home. They bring you food and you pay at the table
Me: Oh really, that exists? No, we don't have that, we always eat at home.ALWAYS!

Postat av: JULIA

jag börjar ju bli lite rädd...

de tror ju att vi är efterblivna eller ngt :/

2009-01-31 @ 00:13:03
Postat av: av mig sjääälv :)

Sverige = sarkasmens hemland <3

2009-01-31 @ 03:26:27

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